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Adam Wern
Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
Chief Designer
Nadia Gisler
Design Consultant
Joni Braun
David Thunman
Minister of desinfo
Antje Taiga
Chief Strategic Officer
Chief Security Officer
Joachim Stein
Concept developer
Ben Pohl

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Job Opportunities

Chief Financial Officer
Manage investors, eBay auctions etc.
Berlin Office
Promotion, cover-ups etc.
Linux Skillz


The head office will be based in Berliner Congress Center at the WOS 3 Conference. You can see us working live there, or watch this web cam.

IRC Chat: #24hdc @ irc.freenode.net or on the web!

Or you can send a mail or call us at +46703639900.

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Dozomo.com is sold!

The 24 Hour Dotcom experiment is over and has been a great success! It's been an unforgettable adventure, we've had an amazing time, and it seems dozomo.com is awaiting a bright future!

The 24 Hour Dotcom Team would like to thank the buyer, who really seems to support our vision!

// The 24 Hour Dotcom Team

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The Final Countdown

After some Windows DNS-problems 24hdc.com is now back online! We now have two hours left before the auction ends. Several people have asked what we are actually selling. To clarify, we are selling:

  • dozomo.com - the web service. The intellectual property that is being sold includes the code, domain name, publicity and design scheme/CI (site design, letterheads, businesscards etc.). Employees and hardware are not included.
  • You are getting full ownership of dozomo.com, i.e. 100%. The buyer should understand that there is no registered corporation as of yet, thus the buyer has the freedom to incorporate in their preferred jurisdiction. Existing investors will be bought out from the proceeds of the eBay auction, and will get a return relative to their percentage stake.

We are currently at c-base in Berlin. Press, investors and well-wishers are welcome to join us in the lead up to end of the auction, and the celebrations afterwards.

Phone: +49 17 9312 6620 (cell phone)
Phone: +49 30 2859 9300 (land line)

Rungestr. 20
10179 Berlin

// 24 Hour Dotcom Team

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New Release!

We couldn't stop ourselves from working on dozomo.com, The Internet Commandline. This dotcom is just too hot to leave after just 24 hours. Among the new features are:

  • Autocompletion! (Only in Mozilla / Firefox as of now.)
  • Safari support using a new version of Safari Keywords released just to be compatible with our service.
  • Instructions for integration with Opera.
  • Better XHTML front end. Fully XHTML 1.0 / CSS 2.1 compliant.
  • Front page Ads! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you're interested in advertising.
  • More engines! iTunes search, HTML Validation and Translation. Over 170 engines in the database. Add your own!
  • Optimizations! 50% faster!

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Press Mania!

We are now putting out a press release to the major news outlets and sites. Help us spread this, and let us know if you have helped. Thanks!


Berlin, Germany -- June 14, 2004 -- The dotcom days are with us again as Adam Wern and Eric Wahlforss, two students from the Stockholm School of Economics and the Royal Institute of Technology, descended upon the Wizards of OS Conference in Berlin with the aim of creating a dotcom business from scratch in 24 hours.

The two charismatic Swedes succeeded in putting together a multi-disciplinary international team within a few hours, and went on to implement dozomo.com, a revolutionary entrant into the search engine market.

The service, which acts as a meta-search engine, has ambitious plans to take on the incumbent google.com and believes its innovative technology will help it become the market leader within the coming year.

The business is now being auctioned off on eBay as a form of IPO and reached almost $1000 within a few hours and is expected to skyrocket by the time the auction finishes on Tuesday 1700 GMT.

For more information, take a look at http://24hdc.com

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The Dozomo Story Continues

The eBay auction is coming along nicely, but we can't really take our hands off this dotcom until it's sold. We really hope the new owner will make create a real business of Dozomo, it really has the potential to become a standard tool on the web.

We've set up a new Wiki where users and developers can add information/ideas on the development of Dozomo.

// The 24 Hour Dotcom Team

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24hdc: A movie trailer

Check it out here! There is more to come...

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We've now put up on eBay the dotcom that we have produced in the last 24 hours -- dozomo.com -- which introduces a new and innovative paradigm into the search engine market.

The vision behind the production came about as a result of the coming together of an international and multi-disciplinary team within the space of 24 hours. The atmosphere that we created has been incredible -- it's been an extremely creative time, demonstrating the true power of ad-hoc collaboration given an energetic and visionary team.

We are making available all the technology, brand identity and intellectual property that was developed during the last 24 hours. We will also be publishing a report on this weblog (within the next 24 hours) which combines our collective vision, experiences and insights into the future potentials of what has been developed. It is up to the buyer to decide whether to support our vision or to use the technology and the brand to support their own.

Live IRC logs can be found at irclogs.espnow.net/24hdc. Feel free to join in on the faschinating discussions that are taking place concerning the IPO and the relevant issues that surround it.

Sincerely, The 24 Hour Dotcom Team

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Milestone 2: A new hope

Fighting css and networks is hard when you haven't slept for 35 hours, but we still make progress. And thanks to our users, we now have around 30 engines in the database...

New features:
- Better layout
- Better copy
- Small bugs fixed
- ie hell
+ much more

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Investment News

As part of the new international expansion strategy 24hdc.com now accepts USD for investments. The IT market has also cooled down for the last 20 hours so 24hdc.com is adjusting the stock price accordingly to reflect the new market conditions. However, we see a strong future for our state-of-art Dozomo technology and with current growth rates the company will be leader in the search engine market in 72 hours.

Adam Wern, CEO

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We are fighting the local internet weather gods!

It's hellish!!! But we will prevail!

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Investment Information

The early investment program proved very successful and the company is now owned 21% by external investors, even before any products were demonstrated. 24HDC is now considering increasing the share price to reflect real market value.

Adam Wern, CEO.

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Milestone 1: Her name is dozomo.com!

So there she is: the first official build of dozomo.com - the internet command line.
What we have done is a sort of community edited meta search, which will be developed into a full interenet command line application, that you can use in your browser's search engine bar. You can add your own search engines to it by using the form...

More info will follow soon! The next milestone is due 16:00...

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Thanks IRC-users :)

We are getting help from the people hanging out on our irc channel which is great :)

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Thanks joi :) ...

...for blogging this ..Milestone 1 is soooon online.

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We got ads :)

Check c-base...
We are all tired - more than 12 hours has passed - but we are still working hard! Alpha release coming up...

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24HDC Desktop background

A desktop background (1024*768) is now available for download. We are currently in a really nice flow. The music is pumpin' outside here at c-base -- and we are creating a next generation dotcom...

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Bigger offices!

Our new offices are at C-base...
We have used up about one third of our time - and we think we have come quite far. Things are looking very good still...

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We have an upcoming alpha!

The programmers are working hard on a prototype version of the web service. Work is coming along nicely. We should be able to have an alpha sometime this night...

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We are on the news!

At least on News Today...

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Project started

We moved into our new office 19:00 CET. I'm really sorry for all of you who missed the great kick-off party, but there still beer in the fridge for you if drop by our Berlin office.

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Creating a Dotcom in 24 Hours

Right now we are at the Wizards of OS conference in Berlin to make a performance art/business project. The mission is to create a dotcom business from scratch in 24 hours. That means designing and programming a complete and useful web application, recruiting people, doing marketing, creating investment programs and much more. After 24 hours, the complete business will be sold on an eBay auction, and everyone involved will be rich!

You are free to join in and help out, and you will get paid in valuable stock ;) If you are a designer, programmer, business person, all-round genius, or just want to be a part of the beta test, please let us know. The project starts on Friday, June 11, 19:00 Central European Time, so don't plan anything else those 24 hours...

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  • 19:00 Building the Office
  • 19:30 Kick-off party
  • 19:45 International expansion
  • 22:00 Concepts and planning
  • 02:00 Nightly coding
  • 14:00 Milestone 1
  • 17:00 Milestone 2
  • 18:58 Final release
  • 18:59 Release Party
  • 19:00 Launch, IPO on eBay


dozomo.com has now been sold for $2026!


  • 2% Blair Winton
  • 1% mike hibbett
  • 2% John White
  • 4% Frank Koehntopp
  • 2% Sean Mcallister
  • 1% Dennis Tangolics
  • 3% Wesley Hall
  • 2% Michael Milligan
  • 1% Greg Weiss
  • 3% Beebware
  • 1% Neil Verplank
  • 1% Sebastian Lohmeier
  • 2% Sabine Blaich
  • 1% Daniel O'Huiginn
  • 2% Martin Melle
  • 2% JA Johannesen
  • 2% Jon Aslund
  • 2% Roger Nesbitt
  • 2% Steve Mallett
  • 5% Gustaf Bjorklund
  • 2% Joris Bontje
  • 2% Gerard van Schip
  • 2% Adam Wasta
  • 2% Matthew Langham

Desktop Background!

1024*768 Version




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